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​Wing B, 2nd Floor, Hasharon Hospital

Department of Internal Medicine C - Hasharon

Director: Dr. Herzl Salman

​About the department

 The department serves as an internal department were urgent patients from the ER, as well as complex patients for examination and treatment in coordination with community physicians are hospitalized. The department is affiliated to the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and engages in extensive and intensive activities for teaching medical and nursing students.

The department is in close contact with Clalit Health Services clinics in the Petah Tikva area (such as: Orlanski, Ramat-Verbar, Rothschild and Kfar Qassem clinics). The department's physicians meet with the clinics' doctors to discuss clinical cases and to give updates on the latest medical literature.

The department's unique fields of treatment are heart diseases and lung diseases.
The department's staff is in close contact with the Heart and Intensive Care Unit and with the Lung Institute. The department also has expertise in the field of geriatrics - the department employs a senior physician who has expertise in internal medicine and geriatrics, as well as a senior nurse who underwent advanced training in this field. In addition, the department's physicians supervise the committee for regulating chronic patients.

Academic and research activities  

The team of doctors in the department engages in research in cooperation with Hasharon Hospital Research Institute.
Main research areas:
1. Immune system research in laboratory and human subjects.
2. Research of the action mechanism of natural materials (such as: vitamins and garlic) and their effect on the immune response in the body.
3. Basic research in the field of heart disease, cardiology.

Days and hours of activity

Family visits:
At 07:00-14:00
Providing information to the patient:
Daily from 14:00 to 15:30 
Doctor visits:
Daily from 08:30 to 12:00