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Emergency Medicine

Emergency MedicineThe Departments of Emergency Medicine at Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals provide service for more than 160,000 patients each year. With the help of a team of some of the leading physicians in Israel, and a professional nursing staff with unique training, the department is prepared to provide a response 24/7 to every event - from the least complex to the most complex events.
The Department of Emergency Medicine at Beilinson is the most advanced and innovative of its kind in Israel. In 2014, the new department was inaugurated, it was built as per the standards of the world's leading hospitals, and covers an area of 5,000 square meters.
The building was designed according to principles that enable optimal treatment while maintaining the dignity and privacy of the individual, and therefore every patient who needs a bed, stays in a personal treatment room. In addition, 4 spacious treatment areas have been established, in which the patient can relax in armchairs. 
Because of an understanding of the security need, the entire Department of Emergency Medicine was built underground, and it is protected against any kind of attack.
The Department includes a trauma unit, equipped with advanced equipment for treating all types of injuries, that serves as a national center. In order to improve the treatment capacity, the Department has an innovative imaging center, available to ER patients, hosting advanced imaging devices.
In order to provide the patient with the best medical service, the Department of Emergency Medicine maintains close contact with all the hospital's departments, whether it is the cardiology department that specializes in rapid and advanced treatment for heart attacks, or the neurological center, that is capable of providing solutions for various brain events.
As the department that constitutes the main "entrance" to Rabin Medical Center, all resources are invested in order to provide the patient with the most professional service, while providing personal, warm and caring treatment from the moment he enters the department and until his full recovery.