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Women’s Hospital

Women’s Hospital

The Beilinson Women Hospital, with its branches at the Hasharon Hospital and the Schneider Children's Medical Center is affiliated to the Tel Aviv University and provides treatment in all fields of women's medicine. All services offered for women's health throughout her life cycle are provided to inpatients, at the clinics and through the day care center.

About 9,000 babies are born each year in the women's hospital. The delivery rooms include operating rooms, state-of-the-art medical equipment and of first-class doctors, prepared to cope with the most complex and difficult births.
The gynecological department performs over 6,000 of the most complex and complicated surgeries annually, using advanced technologies, such as robotic surgery.

The fertility and in vitro fertilization unit is the largest public unit in Israel. The unit performs approximately 2,000 IVF treatment cycles per year.
The Women's Hospital staff consists of 80 specialists and interns, about 350 nurses, midwives and paramedical staff. We are committed to excellence in treatment and to providing quality medicine, as well as in teaching and research.

Director: Prof. Arnon Wiznitzer

Ombudsman: Michal Cohen