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Rabin Academy For International Professionals (RMCA)

What sets RMC apart

​A Tradition of Excellence.

A Commitment to Tomorrow.

Operating since 1936, Rabin Medical Center is one of the foremost centers of medical care in Israel - and the world. Located in the country's center near Tel Aviv, RMC serves the entire gamut of Israel's diverse population, regardless of religious or cultural background. Accredited by Joint Commission International, the communities served by the Center enjoy the highest standards of medical care.

Industry-Leading Technology

RMC utilizes medicine's most advanced tools and technologies to care for its patients and design new treatments. From sophisticated imaging to next-generation low-invasive techniques, RMC boasts the industry's most sophisticated technologies.


360* Patient-Centric Care

Our team's first and foremost commitment is to the care, comfort, and recovery of our patients. From soul-warming art and superior accommodations, to dedicated professionals and an 360-degree medical services, the RMC is designed to prioritize patient wellness, dignity, and privacy.

Cutting-Edge Medical Research

RMC's Central Research Authority and the Felenstein Medical Research Center lead our teams of specialists, residents, nurses, scientists and research coordinators to study and design the next generation of medical innovation - publishing more than 250 papers annually and presenting at conferences worldwide.

World-Class Professionals

RMC's excellence is due to the performance of its dedicated personnel, offering the highest standards of care based on knowledge, compassion and excellence. Our staff members are among the most accomplished and respected professionals in the international medical community.

Worldwide Humanitarian Work

From hurricanes in Haiti to epidemics in Africa, our medical professionals honor their commitment to provide unrelenting humanitarian aid to communities in need around the globe - regardless of religion, nationality, or creed.


International Fellowship

RMC's international collaborations focus on worldwide partnership across a number of domains, including faculty and student exchange programs, the development of joint research and training activities and broadcasting break-through medical procedures online for study and instruction.

RMC's Legacy of Medical Pioneering 

Throughout its history, Rabin Medical Center has been a pioneer in Israel’s healthcare system - introducing novel life-saving procedures and being the first in Israel to open new specialized departments and to apply innovative techniques.