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The Felsenstein Research Center

The Felsenstein Research Center

The Felsenstein Research Center

Rabin Medical Center, affiliated to the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, is one of the largest and most distinguished academic medical institutions in Israel. The various departments combine the practice of clinical medicine at the highest level together with a broad range of clinical and basic research. The Felsenstein Medical Research Center (FMRC), situated on the hospital campus, has 50 modern, fully equipped research laboratories offering a unique opportunity for conducting basic research as well as translational research, with direct clinical applications.

Adhering strictly to the Helsinki Treaty on Human Medical Experimentation, to the relevant law and to Israel’s Ministry of Health’s strict standards, RMC‘s Institutional Review Board (“Helsinki Committee”), led by Prof. Tur-Kaspa, is responsible for approving and supervising all research projects involving human subjects in terms of ethics, safety, dignity, benefit and rights of participants in such research.
Rabin Medical Center’s Central Research Authority, headed by Dr. Boaz Tadmor, initiates strategic collaborations in various fields of research and development with the industry and other researchers, seeking sources of funding and encouraging research among staff. 

The researchers work in close cooperation with the Sackler School of Medicine and with a wide variety of prestigious medical and research institutes in Israel and abroad. Many original research projects at Rabin Medical Center are undertaken each year, and the results are published in leading medical journals.

RMC is involved in training and in opening horizons to a new generation of physicians and nurses, with emphasis on young researchers. Every year, generous research grants are awarded to about 10 young researchers through its Central Research Fund. In addition, RMC offers a wide range of fellowships and professional training courses to the staff.

Over the last few years support of specific research programs has become a major target for earmarked donations from both foundations and individuals, with significant grants awarded for major research projects in various fields.
In Rabin Medical Center we conduct over 100 clinical trials in varied fields. For more specific information please contact us at: