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Preparatory course for doctors, Hasharon Hospital

In September 2017, Course No. 57, which prepares for the licensing examination in March 2018, will be opened. Registration for this course is over!
Course 58 will open on March 18, 2017 - This course has no vacancies.
You can contact the course secretary for information about registration for the following courses.

Students will not be accepted without a licensing examination eligibility certificate.
In order to improve the contribution of the course towards the licensing examination, and in view of the success of the previous courses, we continue to provide a Hebrew language course for students with difficulties in Hebrew, with an emphasis on reading comprehension. This course has been to date very successful. 

Notice of the opening date of the Hebrew course will be issued in the future.

You may start registering by telephone by calling course's secretary, at

Dear Student, The Center for Preparation for Medical Licensing Examinations for Returning Residents, who completed their medical studies abroad and must pass a licensing examination for internship or medical degree, is held at the Hasharon Hospital (starting in 1991 and very successful over the years).
The Center has been recognized for 30 years by the Ministry of Health and awards a course grade of 10 points for those who complete the course successfully. The course grade is valid for 3 consecutive exams.
This year, the 57th course will open. The Center has extensive experience in preparing physicians for their licensing exams. The success rates in the licensing exams range from 70-84% among the graduates of the preparatory course.

At the preparatory center, a course is opened once every six months, in conjunction with the licensing examination, which lasts about six months and consists of the five subjects recommended for the examination. 
One third of the educational content is enrichment lectures and milestones in medicine, while most of the time is devoted to practicing questionnaires. Great emphasis is put on solving questions using a psychometric method and medical logic.

Once a year a hospital-exposure day is held throughout the country, in which representatives of hospital managements present the conditions for internships and admission to internships, as well as the required professions and direct contact means.

It is important for us to do everything possible in order for you to pass the exam!
We are here for you!