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 The Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals have two separate anesthesiology departments that provide anesthesia departments in the operating rooms, recovery rooms, pain clinics, and any unit, institute or department where invasive procedures are performed, which may be accompanied by pain or discomfort. In adition there is a pre anesthesia clinic.
These best  anesthesiology departments have some of the anesthesiologists and state-of-the-art technological equipment that enable the patient to undergo the medical procedure safely and painlessly. The anesthesiologist's work is versatile - from anesthesia during surgery, which requires planning the course of the anesthesia procedure and preserving the patient's life by monitoring, controlling, artificial respiration, providing medication that balances the functioning of the body's systems, etc.
The anesthesiologists use some of the world's most advanced and innovative methods, such as prevention of pain by nerve block in ultrasound.
The doctors in the department treat patients undergoing all types of surgical interventions practiced in modern medicine, including organ transplants, heart and brain surgery.
In addition, Beilinson provides unique treatments for women undergoing cesarean section, in order to dramatically reduce the pain in the days folowing surgery.