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The Tests


During the course, final exams are held in each of the subjects, which constitute an accurate simulation of the course-grade exam. In addition, a final course-grade exam is held at the end of the course under the auspices of Tel Aviv University. The course-grade is the weighted score of the final exams and the course-grade exam. The passing grade in the exam is 70%. Those who fail the course-grade exam at its first scheduled date may take the exam again at its second scheduled date. 
According to the decision of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Council, the course-grade exam can be taken only once (first and second scheduled dates). Those who have a passing course-grade of above 70 will be given 10 credit points for the licensing exam to be held at the end of the course. Those who pass the national licensing exam with a grade of 60% are entitled to a license to practice medicine in Israel.
At the end of the course, each student will receive a certificate for his participation in the course.

The exams - are under the responsibility of Prof.  Uri Levinsky. Prof. Levinsky has for decades been the person in charge of the national examinations of medical students in Israel, (Stage A and Stage B examinations), and has vast experience and an enormous database of questions.
The exams during the course and the course-grade exams are available in three languages: Hebrew, English and Russian. The language of the exam can be chosen during the course.