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Telephone: 03- 9372363
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​Main entrance, Hasharon Hospital, 1st floor

Department of Internal Medicine B - Hasharon

Director: Dr. Aliza Zeidman. Head nurse: Noa Frieberg.

​About the Department

The Department of  Internal Medicine B is.Headed by Dr. Aliza Zeidman, an expert of internal medicine, a lecturer in internal medicine at Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and a member of professional committees including End of Life, Infection Control and Family planning committees. Dr. Zeidman is the head of The Medical Training Center for Examination Board in Medicine.

The Department of Internal Medicine B  receive patients in need for assessment, diagnosis and treatment for wide range of diseases including infections, cardiology events, metabolic such as diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases, oncologic assessment and diagnosis including advanced imaging and biopsies . The outpatient clinic of Internal Medicine B provides follow-up service for the patients as well as advisory clinic for the community Research and clinical studies are performed and published in different medical literature and symposia.