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Beilinson -  03-9377241
Hasharon - 03-9372765

Beilinson -  03-9377206       
Hasharon - 03-9372644

Opening hours

​Sun. - Thurs. 8:00-16:00


Beilinson Hospital:
Ambulatory Clinics, 2nd Floor

Hasharon Hospital:
Outpatient Clinics, Ground Floor

The Division of Gastroenterology – Beilinson and Hasharon

Director: Prof. Iris Dotan

The Division of Gastroenterology – Beilinson and Hasharon

​About the center

In the Rabin Medical Center Gastroenterology about 40,000 hospitalized and ambulatory patients are treated each year. A large variety of gastrointestinal diseases are treated in the center.
The Gastroenterology Center includes the Institute at Beilinson Hospital, with its various sub-units, and the Gastroenterology Unit at Hasharon Hospital.

The sub-units at Beilinson Hospital include: the National Laboratory and a Helicobacter Pylori Research Institute , the Advanced Endoscopy Unit , the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit , the Gastrointestinal motility Service, the Pelvic Floor Disease Service, General Gastroenterology Clinics and a Special Unit for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer.
The Institute provides consultations for ambulatory and hospitalized patients, as well as advanced endoscopic procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon, esophagus, stomach and small intestine. The Gastroenterology Center is part of the professional space shared by the Rabin Medical Center and the Dan-Petah Tikva District Clalit Health Services, and also includes the "Concord" Gastroenterology Unit.

The procedures performed in the gastroenterology center are:

Insertion of a gastric feeding tube (PEG)
Iimaging of bile ducts and pancreas (ERCP and endoscopic, radial and laryngeal endoscopy)
Endoscopy of the small intestine (entroscopy)
Video capsule of the small intestine
Manometry of the esophagus
Manometry of the anus
Imaging of the defecation function (defecography)
Rectal ultrasound - TRUS
Acid monitoring in the esophagus
Lactose breath test
Helicobacter pylori breath test
Estimate of gastric acid secretion rate
Gastric emptying test
Gastrointestinal transit time

Academic and research activities

The Center operates a research laboratory for colorectal cancer, the genetic and molecular changes that occur in the tumor tissue and the connection with the JCV virus, the passage of ions in the intestine, and the excretion of mucins by the stomach and colon. Helicobacter pylori studies and clinical studies are being conducted to test the efficacy of new drugs in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and to prevent the recurrence of polyps in the colon.

Application method:
Letter of referral from the family doctor. The referral is to the clinic and not directly to endoscopic operations.