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Research & Education

Study program

​Course acceptance requirements

A resident of Israel, graduate of a medical school abroad, or a person authorized to take the licensing examination, who presented his certificates at the Ministry of Health and was approved to take the licensing examination.

During the course, which lasts about six months, update lectures are given on key subjects and practice questionnaries are used.
Great emphasis is placed on how to solve the questionnaires while providing tools for correct approach to the examination.
The course takes place five days a week, about 7 hours a day during the morning.
Studies are divided according to subjects: Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Surgery.

Individual reinforcement training (in groups of up to 4 people), provided by senior physicians, as necessary and according to the decision of the center's manager and the lecturing staff.
Self-study groups - the classes are open in the afternoon for self-study.

Teaching staff

The lecturers in the course are senior physicians from Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals) and the Schneider Children's Medical Center, most of whom are lecturers in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.
Teaching assistants - most of them are young doctors who have undergone the practice course and licensing examination themselves and have experience with the type of questions presented in the exam. The study is highly focused and directed towards success the licensing examination.

Instruction language

The instruction language, the exercises taught in the classroom, and some of the presentations are in Hebrew. Some of the presentations are in English.
The exams during the course and the course-grade exams are available in three languages: Hebrew, English and Russian. The language of the exam can be chosen during the course.
Tuition fees are NIS 7,900 per course.