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Telephone: 03-9377141
Fax:             03-9377142​

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 Opening hours Sunday to Thursday at 08:00-15:00, subject to prior appointment


​Ambulatory Clinics Building, Beilinson Hospital, 3rd Floor

Allergy and Immunology Clinic - Beilinson

Director: Dr. Yael Graif

Allergy and Immunology

​About the clinic

The Clinic's activities include two areas:


Diagnosis and treatment of allergy diseases and their complications, mainly: allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic cough, sinusitis, allergic rashes, anaphylaxis, food sensitivity, sensitivity to bee stings, sensitivity to drugs, and more.
Diagnosis and treatment of all types of angioedema including hereditary and acquired angioedema.
The clinic conducts skin tests for inhaled allergens, latex, food, medicines if possible.
The clinic does not conduct tests for diagnosing contact dermatitis.

Diagnosis and treatment of immune deficiency and disorders of the immune system.

Academic and research activities  

Research topics at the Clinic for Allergy and Clinical Immunology:
1. Epidemiology of allergic diseases and bee sting reactions.
2. New cures for hereditary angioedema.
3. Link between allergic diseases, their severity and psychological profile.