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Patient Information

Public Inquiries and Customer Service Unit - Hasharon

Unit Director: Ruchama Amar


The hospital staff makes every effort to provide patients with quality and professional care, while maintaining the patient's dignity and privacy, and providing courteous and supportive treatment.
The hospital staff is committed to the Patient's Rights Law and does its best to implement it in all fields of activity at the hospital.

Public Inquiries

The job of the Public Inquiries Unit is to be "The voice of the patient".
This unit is the address for any applications/inquiries/complaints/requests of patients and their families, and provides advice, information or assistance, as far as possible, to any request reaching the Unit's office, in coordination with the relevant bodies.
It is important for us to know about any problems you encountered during your stay in the hospital. The received applications serve as a tool for improving and bettering the service.

Thank-you letters

The unit receives and collects every thank-you letter that arrives at the hospital and transfers it to its relevant addressee, including superiors. These letters, which constitute positive feedback and encouragement for the staff are highly important.


  • The unit is responsible for: assessing the service quality in the hospital by: public complaints and applications, satisfaction surveys, observations and in-depth interviews with patients. 
  • Identifying service-related issues that need attention at the hospital level and at the level of the various units.
  • initiating and leading projects, including individual interventions aimed at improving the patient's experience in the hospital.( A role that reflects all the problems that need to be addressed immediately).
  • assessing the service and presenting the results to the management of the hospital and the various units, including trends occurring over time.

Community Relationships

The unit organizes lectures for the general public at the hospital, on various subjects. 9 lectures are held throughout the year, the lectures are published in the local press, on signs in the hospital and with leaflets sent to a regular distribution list. Further publication is also available on the hospital's website. The lectures are free of charge and include light refreshments.
In addition, the hospital adopted the students of the Brenner School Medicine Class, The unit conducts tours for students of this class in accordance with their school's curriculum.

Wishing you good health

Contact Information

Tel.:           03-9372563
Operator:   03-9372372
Appointment scheduling call center: 03-9372222
Fax:            03-9372673  
Mailing address:
Rabin Medical Center, Hasharon Hospital 7 Kakal St. Petach Tikva Zip Code: 49372, recipient: Ruchama Amar  - Public Inquiries Supervisor

Scheduel of activity

Sunday to Thursday, from 08:00 to 15:00

Arrival instructions to the unit

Location: Ground floor - Management offices

Unit Director:

Ruchama Amar - Supervisor of Public Inquiries and Service at the hospital