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Rabin Academy For International Professionals (RMCA)

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Medical Training Programs at RMCA

Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is proud to partner with medical insitutions around the world, offering a wide variety of training modules for their professional teams.

Our programs are always tailored to the unique needs of our partners, ensuring participants maximize their investment in our programs and complete them with renewed insights, proficiency, and confidence.

A pioneer in medical breakthroughs, RMC's world-class team has decades of experience and expertise that has already helped care providers around the world, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Program Types

Workshops, Seminars, Training Courses & On Line Medical Courses

Short, intensive workshops and seminars offer theoretical instruction of the latest medical techniques. Specialized training courses of 3 months or longer incorporate hands-on training with guided supervision.
From Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare Practices to Parkinson's disease, our online courses will provide you with vital skills, research, and training for your professional development.


Extended courses, from several months to several years, offer comprehensive training programs in a variety of disciplines, for all kinds of medical professionals.

On-Site Training

Our world-class instructors and specialists can provide training programs at your own local hospital or medical center, so your team can study in their own, real-world conditions.

Tailored Programs

Need specialized training or a unique format? We can work with you to design bespoke medical training programs to meet your specific institutional and personnel requirements.