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Cancer - Davidoff Center

מרכז דוידוףDavidoff Cancer Treatment and Research Center at Beilinson is the most innovative center in the Middle East for the treatment of malignant diseases. To date, it is also Israel's largest and leading comprehensive cancer center.
The Davidoff Center 3 different services - oncological, hematological and supportive.
The center, which provides all oncology treatments (anti-cancer treatments) under one roof, is equipped with the most advanced technologies and treatment methods. Those, Davidoff experts are given the opportunity to provide patients with accurate diagnosis and focused treatment that significantly improves their chances of recovery.
In the Davidoff Center, the patient is our top priority. Therefore, alongside the professional medical care, the patient is treated by a personal physician who accompanies him throughout the process, and a range of supportive treatments that include a pain management and supportive care unit, nutritional counseling, complementary treatments (yoga, reflexology and more) and a psycho-social service. All of these ensure physical and mental support throughout the process.

The oncology unit includes the radiation therapy unit (having 5 advanced radiation mashines), the day-care unit for chemotherapy and biological treatments, the outpatient unit and the outpatient clinics.
The Hemato-Oncology Department includes a leading bone marrow transplantation unit and an inpatient unit, in addition to the outpatient clinics and day care unit. The day care units also have special emergency rooms for Davidoff patients.

Medical research is one of the most essential components in the fight against cancer. Extensive research activities are carried out in cooperation with medical institutions in Israel and worldwide. These activities includes clinical studies, involving innovative therapies at their initial development stages