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Research & Education

For Students

The study environment

A state-of-the-art lecture hall, hosting up to 120 students.
The school day starts at 9:00 am and ends at 15:00, 5 days a week, excluding holidays and Saturdays.

The conditions

  • Free parking! At the hospital parking lot. 
  • Meals - A light breakfast - served to students every morning next to the classroom.
    Lunch - up to 24 lunch coupons per month in the dining room at Hasharon Hospital are available for purchase at a price of 9 NIS per meal.
  • Accommodation - Some of the students who live far away are able to rent a room with another student at a cost of 500 NIS per month, per student, in the dormitories of Hasharon Hospital.
    The room is furnished and includes: cleaning services, air conditioning, electric appliances and WI-FI .
  • Libraries - Free use of the library services at Hasharon Hospital and at Felsenstein Medical Research Center at Beilinson Hospital. 
  • Textbook - A gift for every participant in internal or general surgery.
  • Students who are defined as returning residents are eligible for a support scholarship from the Ministry of Immigrant Immigrant Absorption, please check your eligibility at your nearest Immigrant Absorption Ministry office.

The management of the Center for Preparation of Licensing Examinations, in cooperation with the hospital management, assists in a variety of areas:

  • Assistance in finding alternative housing solutions.
  • Assistance in solving bureaucratic problems - vis-a-vis the Immigrant Absorption Ministry or the Health Ministry
  • Job offers, such as: a place in the hospital's rotation system as a physician assistant, assistance in nursing homes, etc. 
  • A representative of the Immigrant Absorption Ministry arrives at the hospital at the opening ceremony of each course and records the students for an eligibility inspection etc'.

The contact with the students is maintained even after graduation and they are welcome to seek the assistance of the center's management with professional guidance and professional deliberations.