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Facts and Figures

​Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals - 365 days of groundbreaking action

• 5,000 hearts were treated by the best cardiologists in Israel
• 100,000 people visited the largest emergency room in the Middle East this year
• 1,200 people began to relive thanks to the cardiothoracic surgery center
• 70% of all organ transplants in Israel are performed at Beilinson Hospital
• 25,000 patients know that they can rely on the staff at Davidoff Cancer Research and Treatment Center
• 4,500 staff members at Beilinson and Hasharon have touched the lives of 500,000 patients
• 9,000 new babies came into the world
• People are fighting around the clock to save lives in the 6 intensive care departments at Beilinson and Hasharon
• 2,500 fertility treatments, that help realize the family dream, were performed
• Over 100 patients gain new hope thanks to bone marrow transplantation at the Davidoff Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Compassion is not measured by numbers, but it is shared by all of us here at the hospital