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Evacuation by ambulance from the street or home following emergency events, or direct arrival with a letter of referral from a treating physician.

Location: Main Entrance Beilinson Hospital

Arrival instructions to the wing
Entrance to the hospital, ground floor 

Department of Emergency Medicine - Beilinson

Director: Michael Drescher

Department of Emergency Medicine - Beilinson

​The Jusidman Center for Emergency Medicine and Trauma is the largest and most advanced ER in Israel. The center serves about 150,000 people a year, covers an area of 5,000 square meters and was built to high standards, while combining aesthetic elements, to create a pleasant environment for both patients and caregivers. below the ER is an underground parking lot with direct access from the parking lot to the emergency room, which during emergencies can become a protected treatment area in the hospital. 

The entire ER was built underground, as a protected environment against missile attacks.
Unlike the overcrowding and lack of privacy that characterizes most of the emergency rooms in Israel, the space in the new Beilinson ER allows for maximum privacy for every patient. The high standards and unique construction, similar to the most advanced medical centers in the world, was carried out according to planning principles that enable optimal treatment while preserving the dignity and privacy of each patient.

The Department of Emergency Medicine - ER - operates according to the Emergency Medicine Approach, according to which the treatment of patients visiting the ER is performed according to their medical-functional condition, while already at the entrance a clear separation is made between walking and lying patients.

In the initial triage sorting, all walking patients who visit the Emergency Medicine Department are examined quickly. An initial sorting of the patients is conducted, by which they are referred to various sections of the emergency medicine department. The triage is performed by a specifically trained nurse using medical priority and validated medical protocols.
The triage complex covers about 380 square meters and includes three triage rooms.

Ruth and Israel Ram ambulatory patients department

Serves patients who arrive at the Emergency Medicine Department independently without an ambulance.
Upon entering the Emergency Medicine Department, these patients undergo initial sorting and classification by medical urgency, by a trained triage nurse, who refers them for further treatment by an emergency medicine specialist and a nurse.
The uniqueness of the new department of emergency medicine is that a dedicated staff, a doctor and a nurse, coordinate the treatment of the patient during his stay in the emergency room. This wing also provides services for ambulatory orthopedic patients.  


Another advantage is the imaging complex that was built at the site, which forms a part of the Emergency Medicine Department, and provides convenient and immediate access to the imaging services and streamlines the diagnostic process. The imaging complex at the ER provides imaging services for ER patients 24/7, the imaging complex covers an area of 750 square meters. The imaging equipment is state-of-the-art and includes advanced CT equipment. The imaging complex includes: 3 x-ray rooms, 2 ultrasound rooms and a CT room.

Wings A - B (lying patients)

Designated for the treatment of applicants, who arrive at the emergency medicine department (ER) by ambulance, or whose medical condition requires their transfer from the walking patients wing to this wing.
These wings provide a solution for all patients without the traditional division between surgical and internal. The medical and nursing care is managed by a dedicated team that includes an emergency medicine specialist and a nurse, who coordinate the treatment of the patient during his stay in the ER.
These wings offer a high level of privacy for each patient, which enables providing professional and quality treatment under optimal conditions, both for the patient and for the staff.


Rabin Medical Center - Beilinson Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center - one of the six level-1 trauma centers in Israel.
The trauma unit treats a whole range of casualties, whether it is a single trauma incident or a multi-casualty incident resulting from road accidents, work accidents or hostile terrorist activity.
The new trauma complex extends over 250 square meters and is equipped to provide simultaneous treatment to several trauma victims - severely injured people suffering from severe systemic injury as a result of a traffic accident, military activity, terror attacks, work accidents and more.
The admission and initial treatment of trauma victims is carried out in the trauma room of the Emergency Medicine Department. The trauma team includes: surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, orthopedics, neurosurgeons, nurses and therapists from other professional fields.
The trauma room is equipped with the best medical equipment for handling accidents
and mass terror attacks.

The trauma complex treats 2,500 patients per year, suffering from complex injuries, some of which are life-threatening. The trauma unit staff provides the patients with initial emergency, multi-system treatment, which stabilizes the condition of the patients in order to transfer them for further examination and treatment in the various units - imaging, operating rooms or hospitalization.
The trauma complex covers an area of 250 square meters and includes: 5 treatment stations (with the possibility of adding 3 beds during a multi-casualty event), a designated waiting area for those escorting the patients and a meeting room where talks are held with the families of the patients. The entrance for casualties entering the complex is separate from the other ER wings, in order to enable rapid treatment of trauma victims.

Academic and research activities  

The department of Emergency Medicine is affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. The department staff takes part in teaching interns and students.