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Patient Information

Patient Services – Hasharon Hospital



Information desks

Information desks are at your service, in the hospital lobby, manned from: 08:00 - 16:00

Parking - Hasharon Hospital

  1. Parking on Gafni and Katz street corner - Segal Parking Lot - open to the general public from 15:00 until 07:00 the following day free of charge.
  2. Municipal parking lot at 26 Katz street - for a fee.
    Located in front of the outpatient building.
  3. Parking for dialysis patients - Entrance to the hospital parking during treatments, for the purpose of picking up and picking off patients only.
    (The office of the hospital's security officer must be presented with a confirmation of the treatment from the department).
  4. Disabled parking - requires a disabled tag.
    At the parking bay on Katz street, next to the hospital's outpatient building, and at the parking bay on Kakal street, opposite the main entrance to the hospital.


Taxi service

"Moniot Hamakdim" taxi service - the station is in front of the main entrance of the hospital.
Tel.: 03-9311233

Food - restaurants, cafés and buffets

  • YEL cafeteria - next to the hospital garden, next to the management offices.
  • "Cafe Pilpelet" station at the entrance to the ER.
  • Vending machines selling cold and hot beverages in the main lobby and throughout the hospital.


Distributed in the inpatient departments and throughout the hospital.

TV - Medifon

A center for renting personal television sets for the hospitalized patients rooms, for a fee.
The rental service is located in Wing B, 3rd floor.
Hours of operation:
Sunday - Thursday, at 11:00-17:00 
Friday at: 11:00-17:00
Tel.: 052-8877769


Located opposite the YEL cafeteria (Yad Ezer Lacholeh), on the ground floor.

Bdikomat (for "Clalit" insurees)

Enables printing lab results of tests taken at community clinics.
Located in the outpatient building.

Free Internet surfing stations

Free internet surfing stations for patients and visitors - free of charge.
Throughout the hospital: entrance lobby, cafeteria complex, dialysis institute, operating rooms and outpatient clinics, x-ray and isotopes.

Free wireless Internet service - "WI-FI"

In the main lobby on the entrance floor of the hospital, in the outpatient clinics, at the dialysis institute and in the cafeteria courtyard.

Ezer Mitsion

Ezer Mitsion provides many services to hospitalized patients and their families.
Areas of assistance:
• Providing hot meals to the patients' families in the hospital.
• Ambulances to transport patients for free.
• Volunteers to visit patients in hospital wards.

The office is located in the fourth wing, on the ground floor.
Days and hours of activity: Sunday - Thursday 09:30-12:30, Tel.: 03-9334932.
Central Branch at 33 Brenda street, Petah Tikva, Tel..: 03-9049990.
Days and hours of activity: Sunday - Thursday at 09:00-13:00, 16:00-18:00.
The representative of the association at Hasharon Hospital Ms. Tzila Lapidot - can be contacted at: 052-5808988 or by email:


Wheelchairs for mobilizing patients, on loan, throughout the hospital.


Located in the lobby of the management offices, next to the YEL cafeteria, open all week to the patients and their families.

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