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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

The Institute for Nuclear Medicine at Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals engages in diagnosis of tumors and functioning disorders in various organs of the body. For this purpose, the Institute utilizes the world's most advanced imaging technology, which enables precise diagnosis and focused treatment that improve patients' chances of recovery.

The two main instruments used by the Institute are:
PET/CT: is used in the diagnosis cancer cells in the body, and enables the assesment of the spread of the disease also the efficacy of the treatment.

Gamma Cameras: Gamma Cameras helps in the evaluation of the functioning of the various organs of the body.

With the latest technological means and precise diagnosis provided by the Institute for Nuclear Medicine, the medical staff is able to match each patient with a personal treatment program that greatly assists his chances of recovery.
The Institute is one of the largest and most important centers in Israel, serving about 20,000 people a year, with diagnostic standards that are some of the world's highest and most professional standards of diagnosis. In addition, the Institute conducts research activities and academic collaboration that help to improve the technological diagnos means and achieve better accuracy and medical treatment.