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03-9376653/4 - Staff secretary
03-9376658 - Department secretary
03-9377163/0 - Outpatient Clinics


​Inpatient – Gour Shasha Tower, 7th floor
Outpatient - Raphael Recanati Genetic Institute Building, Ground floor  

Laser Service - Wing B, 4th floor

Department of Dermatology – Beilinson and Hasharon

Director: Prof. Emmilia Hodak

​About the department

The Dermatology Department of the Rabin Medical Center includes all the services in the fields of Dermatology and Venereology, and is comprised of the Hospitalization department, the Day Care Center, out patient clinics, the Phototherapy Institute and the Laser Institute, as well as extensive clinical and laboratory research activities. This is the department with the largest dermatology specialisasion program in Israel.

The department has diverse areas of expertise and many centers of excellence, with a national and international reputation. Apart from the treatment of common skin diseases, such as: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and allergy to touch and fungal diseases of the skin, the department constitutes a national center for patients with lymphomas of the skin, such as mycosis fungoides and  blistering autoimmune diseases such as Pemphigus. Other unique fields of expertise include (1) photodermatoses, which are diseases caused or exacerbated by sunlight, (2) treatment of skin diseases and tumors in organ transplanted patients, (3) treatment of diseases and side effects of oncological patients, (4) treatment of hair and scalp diseases; and (5) treatment of  atopic dermatitis.

The department's strengths: 

  •  A center of clinical excellence, with wide coverage of the sub-areas of dermatology. 
  •  Leadership in a number of areas on a national and even international level/
  • The patient is at the center of the clinical practice.
  •  Special emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of a multidisciplinary approach to the patient, and operating a variety of joint dermatology clinics and further specializations and advisory forums. For example: joint dermatology and rheumatology clinic, joint dermatology (skin lymphoma) and hematology clinic , an advisory forum on skin tumors, in collaboration with the Davidoff Center for Cancer Treatment and Research.The department is a center of excellence for teaching students and interns. 
  •  Versatile clinical research, initiated by the Department's physicians and by pharmaceutical companies, as well as translational research.
  •  High academic standing of the department's senior staff.

The in patient ward has 17 beds, and its patients are provided with a wide range of treatments, including intravenous infusions, application of active local preparations, wetting and combinations of creams and wetting, phototherapy treatments and more.

With the help of 2 research coordinators are carried out in the department, conducts many clinical trials, some of these trails are initiated by the physicians, and others at the initiative of various pharmaceutical companies, with the participation of various centers around the world. In fact, our department is a center of excellence at the national level in conducting clinical studies on new drugs.

The department is also affiliated with a research laboratory located in the Felsenstein Center on the Beilinson Hospital campus. Translational studies, focusing mainly on the genetics and epigenetics of skin tumor diseases, are carried out in the laboratory.

Business hours:

Family visits: 
Providing information to the patient:
Daily, from 15:00-16:00 at the department 
Monday, 12:00-13:00 at the Department Director, subject to pre-scheduling with the secretary.
Doctor's  ward rounds:
grand round  - Monday, 08:30-11:00 
Wednesday, 10:00-12:30 
on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 08:30