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​​Telephone: 03-9378200/2/21
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​Ambulatory Clinics, Beilinson Hospital, 2nd floor

Institute of Hematology - Beilinson

Director: Prof. Pia Raanani

​About the center

Vision of the Hematology Center:

The team of the Hematology Center, headed by Prof. Pia Raanani , engages in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with hematologic diseases. These diseases include both benign hematologic diseases (blood diseases) and malignant hematologic diseases, such as: leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.
The management and staff of the Hematology Center have set themselves the goal of becoming the leading hematology center in Israel offering the highest quality of medical treatment support and assistance to the hematological patient and his family, and leading innovation and research in the field of hematology.

We are now in the era of personalized medicine, in which treatments are tailor-made for and focused on the patient. On the other hand, the use of applied research enables rapid translation of findings and observations from the basic research to the clinic.
At the same time, professionalizing the elements that "envelop" the oncology patient enables a multidisciplinary approach that maximally benefits the patient, while granting the physician satisfaction in his work.
In light of these developments, the "credo" on which the Hematology Center  at Rabin Medical relies is based on the principles of striving for a status of a national and international center of excellence, protecting human dignity, of both patients and staff, transparency vis-a-vis the patients and the staff, investing in the future of the physicians, delegation authority and empowering positive elements in the team, interaction with similar disciplines at the Davidoff Center and at the hospital, and fostering international connections for clinical and research purposes.
The Hematology Center operates on the basis of interaction between four main factors: clinic, research, service and instruction, and the hemato-oncology system operates in three enveloping circles: hemato-oncology, the Davidoff Center and the support of leading international centers.

The management of the Hematology Center set the needs of the patient and his family at the top of its priorities. Special enphasis is given to personal attention, consideration of the patient, maximum effort to provide the best and highest quality service, in the shortest possible time. The center's staff takes into consideration the patient's time and will make every effort to prevent unnecessary waiting and delay in the various stages of diagnosis and treatment.
In addition, the team of the Hematology Center strives to provide patients with the best and most modern treatment, by using clinical trials that enable the prescribing innovative drugs that are not included in the health basket.

Description of the Hematology Center:

The Hematology Center at Rabin Medical Center is one of the largest in Israel, and it includes a very large team of physicians, nurses, secretaries, lab workers housekeeping and administration personnel. The medical staff is comprised of leading specialists in the various fields of hematology as well as trainers.
The entire range of hematological diseases may be diagnosed in the center. including extremely rare blood diseases. Many laboratories located throughout Beilinson Hospital are utilized for this purpose . Special emphasis is given to innovative treatments,  not only those included in the health basket, but also treatments provided within the framework of clinical trials.

The Hematology Center consists of two main sectors:

  • A Hematology clinic in which benign hematological diseases are treated. Tis diseases include:
      1. Blood clotting diseases unit (headed by Dr. Galia Specter).
      2. Thalassemia and other hereditary anemia diseases clinic (Coordinators: Dr. Pinchas Stark and Dr. Idit Pazgal).
      3. Anemia, leukopenia, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, ITP.
  • The Hemato-Oncology Institute at the Davidoff Center, which provides diagnosis and treatment of hematologic malignancies:
        1. Hemato-oncology Hospitalization Ward – 
           a. Hemato-oncology Hospitalization Unit (headed by Prof. Pia Raanani ). 
           b. Bone marrow and stem cells transplantation unit  (headed by Dr. Moshe
        2. Hemato-oncology Clinic – 
          a. Lymphomas unit 
          b. Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Service (CLL)  (headed by Prof. Osnat
          c. Multiple myeloma service (headed by Dr. Hila Magen). 
          d. Multidisciplinary treatment of skin lymphomas clinic (headed by Dr. Ronit Gurion and Prof. Emilia Hodak ).
        3. Treatment clinic for patients with Chronic myeloid leukemia - CML (headed by Prof. Pia Raanani).
        4. Treatment clinic for patients with myeloproliferative diseases - MPD (Coordinator - Dr. Adi Shahak-Abulafia).
        5. Hemato-oncology day care hospitalization (headed by Prof. Amos Cohen).
        6. Clinical Research Unit

Academic and research activities

The personnel of the Hematology Center engage in extensive research activities. The research framework consists of three parts.

1. Experimental Hematology Laboratory
Basic studies aimed at locating unknown mechanisms that lead to the development of hematological malignancies, and studying the mechanisms of the various drugs prescribed for these malignancies are performed. This laboratory  which is located at the Felsenstein medical research center, Beilinson Hospital, headed by Dr. Galit Granot.

2. Clinical Research Unit
Various clinical trials (Stages II, III) are conducted in. Within this framework patients are requested to take part in various studies, the majority  of which are international and at the forefront of medicine. The management of the Hematology Center encourages the inclusion of patients suitable to take part in these studies. Participation in the clinical trials allows the exposure of patients to the most advanced drugs, long before their inclusion in the health basket. Head of the Hemato-oncology Research Team - Mr. Zvi Shivak.

3. Research Activities
Observational studies and meta-analyses. The management of the Hematology Center encourages the development of research that describes and characterizes hematological diseases among the various patient populations, analyzes and characterizes the risk factors, and analyzes the results of the various treatments provided at the center by conducting meta-analysis of international studies.

Application method:
A specified letter from a family doctor or the referring physician, attached with up-to-date data from laboratory and imaging tests.

To schedule a repeat visit: set a date at the end of the visit.

Days and hours of activity

Sunday - Thursday at 08:00-16:00, Holiday eves at 08:00 - 13:00
Patient admission days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 08:00 - 13:00
At the Hematoginecological Service - Monday at 12:00 - 15:00

Business hours: Weekdays, 08:00 - 16:00  Holiday eves 08:00 - 13:00