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The imaging field includes a wide range of imaging tests, technologies and methods.

The Rabin Medical Center operates two advanced institutes engaging in imaging tests, one in Beilinson and the other in Hasharon. The institutes perform X-rays of various types, ultrasound testing, CT scans, including advanced tests such as virtual catheterization of the coronary arteries (cardiac CT), blood vessel catheterization, conducted in the invasive radiology units, various minimally invasive tests, biliary tract and bladder operations and imaging-guided biopsies, breast cancer detection, and minimally invasive breast operations performed in mammography units.

Beilinson also hosts the MRI Institute and the largest unit in Israel for invasive neuro-radiology (brain catheterization).


Director: Prof. Eli Atar

Telephone: 03-9376344

Fax:             03-9376336