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​Outpatient, Beilinson - Ambulatory Clinics Building, 1st floor
Outpatient Clinics, Hasharon - 13 Katz St.

Cardiology Division - Beilinson and Hasharon

Director:Prof. Ran Kornowski

​The Cardiology Center of Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals is the largest of its kind in Israel. The 60,000 patients from Israel and abroad who are treated and/or examined each year, are provided with the most experienced and advanced facilities, technologies and professional medical teams that the medical world has to offer.  It is the only center in Israel that operates in two hospitals, with 2 intensive care units (10 beds in Beilinson and 6 in Hasharon), 2 catheterization units that include 5 advanced cardiac catheterization rooms and no less than 20 institutes in all fields of cardiology, units and clinics that work together to provide professional quality treatment, and a warm and personal attitude.

The most professional and experienced staff in Israel

The Cardiology Center of Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals employs 50 cardiologists and 180 staff members, all of whom are graduates of the best training programs in Israel and abroad. Every year the experts' team of Beilinson and Hasharon conducts over 25 thousand echocardiography examinations of different types, 4,500 cardiac catheterizations, 1,000 operations to treat electrical arrhythmias, 1,500 CT scans of the heart, about 5,000 heart mappings, 200 MRI tests, treating heart transplantees, and many other medical procedures.

Customized Cardiology

The Cardiology Center adopts an innovative treatment approach in which the patient receives a comprehensive and full coverage of a team of experts from all fields of medicine. In addition to them, the Center employs physiologists, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and other professionals, in order to ensure that the transition between diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is as smooth as possible. Every patient receives a personalized program according to his/her situation, age, medical history and more. Every day, the "Heart Team", composed of various experts from the Center, conducts joint assessments to examine the patient's condition. The personal and professional attitude is the reason for the fact that in recent years Beilinson and Hasharon Cardiology Center came out first place in a satisfaction survey conducted among patients at the hospital and at Clalit Health Services.


The medical staff in the Cardiology Center is equipped with the most advanced technologies in the medical world. Thanks to the latest equipment, doctors can get a full picture of the patient's condition, identify the problem and provide a quick solution, without unnecessary complications. The Center also uses innovative drugs and maintains strategic cooperation with leading medical technology companies worldwide.  As part of the treatment, the team uses sophisticated 3D imaging technologies, the Heart Transplant Unit uses the world's most advanced model of artificial heart (Heart Mate 3), and the catheterization unit utilizes a hybrid room adapted to complex conditions for transplanting stents and valves in the heart, and the most advanced technological equipment.

Special clinics

The Cardiology Center operates Several special clinics in many areas, from locating and monitoring populations at risk to rehabilitation.

The new clinics:

Women's Heart Clinic :

In recent years, there has been growing recognition that women's cardiology needs to be treated differently than men. The physical and hormonal differences, as well as various life events (such as pregnancy and childbirth) have led to the conclusion that a distinction must be made between cardiology treatment provided to women and cardiology treatment provided to men. Recently there has been a sharp increase in the number of women suffering heart attacks and other cardiac events - the purpose of the Women's Heart Clinic is to diagnose women in risk groups and provide them with preventive treatment.

1. The Sports Cardiology Clinic:

This is the first clinic of its kind in Israel, aimed at assisting active athletes, who have a medical problem, or who are in a risk group, while also assisting heart patients who wish to start engaging in physical activity.

2. Customized Cardiology Clinic:

The clinic is designed to treat patients who have experienced heart attacks at an early age, in an attempt to detect the reasons for that and assign treatments, in order to prevent recurrent heart attacks.

3. Pericardium Clinic:

The clinic's physicians diagnose and treat pericardium diseases, with great experience in this field.

4. TAVI Clinic :

A clinic designed to conduct the diagnosis and treatment of patients who are candidates for catheter aortic valve transplant.

5. Mitral Clip Clinic :

Recently 2 unique clinics were added to the existing clinics

A clinic designed to conduct the diagnosis and treatment of patients who are candidates for catheter Mitral Clip repair.

6. Clinic for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and blood fats:

The clinic engages in diagnosis and treatment of excess blood fats to prevent atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

7. General Cardiology Clinic:

Engages in counseling, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in order to ensure its patients enjoy not just longevity but also quality of life.


The Cardiology Center serves as a large-scale research center. Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals employ 7 professors and 20 academic functionaries. The Center also serves as an academic center, as part of its collaboration with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. In addition, the Center takes part in international research projects and operates a research unit within Beilinson Hospital. The Cardiology Center serves as a leader in the fields of medical research and innovation in cardiac medicine both in Israel and abroad.