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Rabin Academy For International Professionals (RMCA)

One stop shop

​Get Ahead... Not a Headache.

After welcoming countless delegations, the RMCA team is well-versed in the bureaucracy and logistics required for international travel, study, and medical training. We can help your team sort out the details, from "shalom" to "farewell."


Guidance through the work and study visa process, ensuring your team can make the most out of every minute they're with us.


Full-service technical and casual translation services can be provided, so your team never misses a beat.


We can liasion with Israel's Health Ministry on your behalf, so that your team can benefit from practical, hands-on study (for visits 3 months or longer).


Why waste time researching and booking sublets or hotels. Our local relationships can help make sure you find comfortable, convenient accommodations - at a reasonable price.


Let us handle all of the paperwork, vaccinations, insurance, bureaucratic and day-to-day details, so you can focus on learning.


For millennia, Israel has attracted tourists and pilgrims from around the world. Let us help you discover the secrets and wonders of the Holy Land.