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Cancer - Davidoff Center

The Davidoff Family Vision

In the late 1990s, RMC decided to establish Israel's first Cancer Center. A program prepared by a team of leading global experts (including Prof. Zvi Fuks) was then presented to the late Leon Davidoff. Leon Davidoff, encouraged by his longtime friend and fellow philanthropist Yoram Petrushka,  generously agreed to fund this elaborate project. The Davidoff Family has since been involved in every step of the way, developing a close and enduring bond with RMC.

The Davidoff Family had a vision: to establish a first-rate Cancer Center that would provide cancer patients with the best treatments, diagnoses and counseling that science can offer. This center would cater both to Israeli patients and to patients from abroad, as it would be an internationally acclaimed leading force in researching of malignant diseases and developing  innovative medical solutions.
This unique vision included a more compassionate side to cancer treatment. This exceptional center was planned to serve as a safe environment, respectfully offering patients and their families' much needed comfort and quality of life. Experts in all fields of oncology would collaborate to prevent and detect malignant conditions in their initial stages. They would also offer patients genetic counseling and personalized treatment plans. Run by a fiscally responsible administration, this center would revolutionize its field.

The agreement between RMC and the Davidoff Family was signed in May of 1999. In December of 2004, the Davidoff Family vision became reality in the form of The Davidoff Center for the Treatment and Research of Cancer. Inaugurated in the presence of the President of Israel and the entire Davidoff Family, The Davidoff Center follows this charitable family's elaborate dream. It features cutting-edge technology, the latest advances in medical research and an extensive staff of prominent oncologists - all providing the utmost empathy to each patients' condition. At Davidoff, patients receive personalized treatment, complete with palliative care and psychological and social counseling.

The Davidoff Family has since been involved in every aspect of The Davidoff Centers' management and development. Jacques and Monique Davidoff together with Leon and Ruth funded the construction of the Center's remarkable building, also purchasing some of its most advanced equipment. The Davidoff Family's support then extended into the second generation. Paul, Claudia, Alex and Aline Davidoff's generous donations enabled the substantial ongoing expansion of the Center.
To ensure the continued success of this groundbreaking institution, an International Board was established by Paul, Claudia, Alex and Ariel Davidoff and is currently Headed by Prof. Zvi Fuks. Additional members of the International Board include RMC CEO, Dr. Eitan Wirtheim; Davidoff Center's Director, Prof. Baruch Brenner; Mr. Yoram Petruschka; and Prof. Dan Oppenheim, former CEO of RMC.

The Davidoff Family's vision and generosity have enabled The Davidoff Center to employ a staff of leading experts. These experts also benefit from fellowships at leading institutions around the world, also funded by the Davidoff Family. As the late Leon Davidoff once said, "We take care of the hardware (facilities) and the software (a highly trained staff)."

Countless cancer patients have benefitted from the innovative vision and extraordinary generosity of the Davidoff Family.


The Magazine, Jerusalem Post, 31.1.2020

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