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Cancer - Davidoff Center

The Davidoff Family Vision

​The Davidoff Family, whose great generosity enabled the establishment of this unique cancer center, had a vision - to found a hospital for patients with malignant diseases that in addition to offering outstanding medical care would perform research on cancer diseases and would invest in prevention and genetic counseling for the patient and his family.

Fulfilling their vision, the Davidoff Center is a leading partner in the global intensive efforts to fight cancer diseases while advancing medical research using a wide range of cutting-edge technologies with emphasis on enhancing the quality of the medical and nursing care, all with empathy and support for the patient and his family.

The donors, the late Leon and Ruth Davidoff, who both passed away after seeing their dream realized, and his brother Jacques (zl) and Monique Davidoff, hoped and aspired that this cancer center would be one of the leading centers in the world for treatment and healing of patients from Israel and neighboring countries in the Middle East and the world over, regardless of religion or race.

The story of the Davidoff Center began over a decade ago. The Steering Committee included senior oncologists from Rabin Medical Center, members of the hospital management and cancer experts from the United States.

In 1999 the Davidoff Family decided to contribute a most generous donation to establish this unique center. Yoram Petruschka, good friend of Leon Davidoff, was an integral partner and major factor in reaching and signing the agreement for this important donation. He himself supported this project and is the chairman of the Friends of Davidoff Center.

Hospital management and the Friends of Rabin Medical Center recruited additional donations in order to enable full construction and equipping of the Center, with the final size of the building much larger than originally planned. 

Significant donations were received from good friends such as, Marc Rich, Lotty Reich, the late David Baruch, the Israeli Cancer Association and the Claims Conference. Other supporters include Miriam and Adolfo Smolarz, Leon Tohar, Varda and Shalom Yoran, Seymour and Lillian Rosenthal, the Radwan and Roth families, Harold and Tamar Snyder, Tony and Lina, Mair Laisar, Baron and others. Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO who considered establishment of this Center as their flagship project and as of national importance, enthusiastically supported this project from the beginning stages. In order to ensure excellence in treatment, they invested in the most advanced equipment including state-of-the-age linear accelerators for radiation therapy.

The Davidoff Family's generosity knows no limits, and they donated an additional sum to ensure the excellence and high quality of the medical care at the Davidoff Center. This sum enabled the establishment of a Foundation, aiming to ensure promotion of the staff’s medical knowledge and investment in human resources. The Foundation funds fellowships at major centers abroad as well as hosting of renowned cancer experts at the Center.

The International Davidoff Board was founded with the aim to develop and encourage professional collaborations with international experts. At its annual conferences it sets the standards and strategies for professional development of the Davidoff Center over the coming years. Participants include Alberto and Paul Davidoff, representatives of the Davidoff Family and internationally renowned cancer experts including Prof. Zvi Fuchs from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, who escorted the project from its early stages.