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Cancer - Davidoff Center

Complementary Services

At the Davidoff Center, we consider the entire spectrum of our patients' wellbeing. Therefore, our committed staff of professionals makes every effort to improve patients' quality of life in all fields. Pioneering a multidisciplinary, holistic approach The Davidoff Center caters for patients' physical, mental and social needs. The following services emphasize The Davidoff Center's comprehensive approach to cancer treatment.

The Palliative Care Clinic, headed by Dr. Shimon Wein, broadens the scope of cancer treatment. While cancer-specific clinics focus on treating cancer and healing the patient, the Palliative Care Clinic manages symptoms and seeks to relieve patients of their discomfort and pain. An integral component of The Davidoff Center's all-inclusive medical care, this innovative facility improves patients' quality of life.

Cancer treatment affects not only the patients' health, but also the psychological wellbeing of both the patients and their loved ones. The Social Service, headed by Mrs. Efrat Zeiri,  and the Psychology Service, headed by Dr. Irit Heruti, specialize in psycho-social issues, while The Psycho-Oncology Service, headed by Dr Pnina Dorfman, a psychiatrist provides treatment for emotional and psychological problems. Collaborating frequently, they are a fine example of The Davidoff Center's interdisciplinary methodology.

Besides first-rate traditional medical care, The Davidoff Center also provides a remarkable variety of alternative and complementary therapies. The Integrative Medicine Unit, headed by Dr. Ofer Caspi, offers patients Chinese herbal remedies and naturopathic medicine. Furthermore, it addresses the mind-body realm through hypnosis and interactive guided imagery. Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi and Feldenkrais are all practiced in groups directed by trained professionals. The Integrative Medicine Unit manages patients' symptoms and reduces or prevents the unfortunate side effects of oncological treatment.

The Davidoff Center for the Treatment and Research of Cancer at Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center

The Meir Laiser Cancer Information Center, directed by Mrs. Shlomit Gadot, provides cancer patients and their families relevant and reliable information. Staffed by a professional information specialist and knowledgeable volunteers, the Information Center allows patients to benefit from a better understanding of their medical condition. Informed patients may actively participate in important decision-making regarding their care. Furthermore, stress generated by confusion and uncertainty may be reduced through a clear grasp of one's situation.

Cancer survivor and hairstylist Eli Ben Zikri was shocked by the impact that losing one’s hair has on cancer patients’ quality of life. Acting from sheer altruism, Eli opened The Davidoff Center's Beauty Salon, providing cancer patients with wigs and hair accessories free of charge. This gem of compassion demonstrates The Davidoff Center's humane vision.

The Davidoff Center for the Treatment and Research of Cancer at Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center