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Cancer - Davidoff Center

About The Davidoff Center

Serving as a national focus of excellence in the treatment, prevention and research of cancer, the Davidoff Center is the most sophisticated and innovative facility in the Middle East for the treatment of malignant diseases, delivering comprehensive medical treatment to over 16% of Israel's cancer patients.

Founded thanks to the magnanimous generosity of the Davidoff Family, this unique Center consolidates under one roof all of Rabin Medical Center’s oncology and hemato-oncology inpatient facilities and outpatient services.

The Davidoff Center offers its patients optimal choices in their medical care and keeping in stride with the newest medical advances it provides cutting-edge equipment and the latest technologies, allowing for increased diagnostic and treatment accuracy.

A multi-disciplinary team with leading medical experts in all the essential fields,  including eminent and renowned physicians and nurses, work together to develop the best individual therapy plan for each and every patient, doing their utmost to provide top-quality curative and palliative care. Furthermore, they are involved in extensive research to uncover new and innovative treatment options.

With focus on the patient and his well-being, patients are offered a variety of complementary medicine therapies integrated together with traditional medical care at the Integrative Medicine Unit. Furthermore, the Center provides nutritional and psycho-social counseling and palliative care, and volunteers offer hairdressing and cosmetic services.

All this is provided in a serene and caring atmosphere, especially designed to ensure maximum comfort and privacy and a healing environment for patient and family.