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Preparatory Courses for Childbirth and Parenting

​Classic Preparatory Course for Childbirth and Parenting

A comprehensive and important preparatory course for birth supervised by a multidisciplinary team which includes highly experienced midwives and physical therapists.
The aim of the course is to help new parents cope with advanced stages of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.
Topics covered include: the childbirth process, anesthesia during labor, breathing and relaxation exercises and role of the spouse during the birth process. In addition, the following issues will be discussed: description of physiological changes in pregnancy and methods of coping with them; sexuality; exercises during pregnancy; bonding with the newborn baby; nursing and more.

Women and their spouses/partners attend 5 sessions starting from the 27th week of pregnancy.
Please register in advance.

For information and advance registration: 03-9376333

Fast-Track Childbirth Preparatory Course

Rabin Medical Center assembled this course especially for parents who registered too late for the classic course, as well as for parents expecting their second baby, or more. This course, led by highly experienced midwives and physical therapists, is comprised of 3 meetings and covers the major aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Topics include: signs of labor, positions of the fetus, birth and anesthesiology, strengthening exercises, primary care of the newborn baby including breastfeeding, and more.
Intended for women and their spouses/partners from the 32nd week. Please call during the 28th week.

For information and advance registration: 03-9376333