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Women’s Hospital

Facing the Future - Prenatal & Post-birth Services

Facing the Future” is a comprehensive service for pregnant women, with a variety of unique services for women before and after birth, in the framework of Rabin Medical Center’s Unique Medical Services program.

These services are offered at Beilinson’s Women’s Hospital, where women receive the highest quality medical care with a warm, personal approach. This comprehensive women’s health center is dedicated to providing integrated care for health issues women face, throughout every stage of their lives — all under one roof.

Tel: 03-9376333

Facing the Future 

Prenatal Unique services

  • Personal Birth Planning Session
  • The Teratology and Lactation Information Service
  • Genetic Testing — Pregnancy and Fertility
  • Tours of the Labor-Delivery Rooms
  • Preparatory Courses for Childbirth and Parenting
  • Preparatory Sessions for Childbirth

Unique Post-birth Services

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening
  • The Teratology and Lactation Information Service
  • Nutrition and Diet for Women after Birth
  • Individual Nutrition Consultation following Birth