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Women’s Hospital

Personal Preparatory Sessions for Childbirth

Special preparatory sessions for birth on a variety of topics.


Refresher Birth Preparatory Course

Couples preparing for their second birth, or more, interested in updating their knowledge regarding the birth process, are invited to a 2 hour Refresher Birth Preparatory Session including a tour of the Labor-Delivery Rooms, breathing exercises and birth positions and possibility of choosing various treatment methods.
Tel: 03-9376333

Preparing for Birth by Caesarian Section

Women expecting to give birth at Rabin Medical Center by Caesarian Section are invited to a two-hour session where they are given basic tools to deal with caesarian birth. Information will deal with the process of the surgery, types of anesthesia, role and participation of the spouse. The session is offered free of charge and is led by leading members of the professional staff including an anesthesiologist, gynecologist and surgical nurse.
Tel: 03-9376333

Birth Preparatory Session + tour of Labor-Delivery Rooms in Russian

A special session for Russian speakers. The session will include knowledge and basic tools for undergoing the birth process, birth options including positions and types of anesthesia and tour of the facilities.
Tel: 03-9376333