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​Gour Sasha Tower, Beilinson Hospital, 6th Floor

Department of Surgery A - Beilinson

Director: Prof. Hanoch Kashtan

Department of Surgery A - Beilinson

​About the center

A wide range of patients with urgent and elective surgical diseases are treated in the department. The Department's physicians are responsible for the diagnosis and initial treatment of patients with surgical diseases who were urgently admitted to the emergency room and they subsequently accompany the patients in the department and/or the operating room until their discharge.
The department provides a solution for a variety of diseases requiring surgical treatment, such as laparoscopic surgery, esophageal and gastrointestinal surgery, liver and pancreas surgery, gallbladder and bile ducts surgery, hernia operations and recurrent and complex fracture surgeries: breast, colon, anal diseases and hyperhidrosis surgery.

The equipment available to the surgeons relies on the best technology and includes advanced laparoscopic equipment and innovative aids, such as surgical ultrasound, lasers and radio-based equipment, enabling solutions for all types of surgeries.
In addition to day-to-day surgery, the department is a center for referrals from all over the country in the field of liver and bile duct diseases, and advanced surgery of cancer of the digestive system. All activities of the department are carried out in cooperation with the hospital's departments and institutes, such as: the Institute of Gastroenterology, the Institute of Liver Diseases, the Department of Anesthesiology, the Department of Intensive Care, the Departments of Internal Medicine and others.

The outpatient clinics form an integral part of the service provided to the public by the department, while their goal is to identify and diagnose diseases that require surgical intervention, offering counseling to community physicians and conducting preparations for surgery.

Academic and research activities

The department is affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. The academic activity of the department includes ongoing instruction of interns and surgery students. Doctor's ward rounds and literary review meetings are held on a weekly basis. In addition, the department also conducts extensive research activity; as well as instructing students and doctors from abroad in the course of their advanced training.

Business hours:

Providing information to patient and families:
Daily 14:30-15:30, through prior appointment with the department secretary. 

Doctor visits:
Morning "long" round 8:30-11:30
Evening 15:30-16:00