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​Gour Shasha Tower, Beilinson Hospital, 7th Floor

Neurology - Beilinson

Director: Prof. Eitan Auriel

About the department

The Department of Neurology is a center for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with various neurological diseases. The department has 24 hospital beds and serves as the main referral center at the national level for complex neurological problems. Patients are referred for hospitalization through the outpatient clinics, other departments in the hospital, or by doctors from all over the country. Urgent cases are admitted to the department through the emergency room.

The department includes units, clinics and institutes operating within its framework, and visited by many patients. The department provides consultation to the various wards in and outside the hospital.

The department's main areas of specialization are:

• Parkinson's disease and various movement disorders
• Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders
• Headaches
• Cerebrovascular disease (stroke)
• Multiple sclerosis
• Motor neuron diseases
• Muscle and peripheral nerve disorder
• Infectious diseases of the nervous system
• Epilepsy
• Botulinum injection treatment for various diseases of the nervous system

The units, clinics and institutes operating within the department:

  • Movement Disorders Unit
  • Memory Disorders Unit
  • Headache Unit
  • Cerbovascular unit
  • Neuroimmunology (MS) Unit
  • Interventional Neurology Unit; Intramuscular injections of weakened botulinum to treat various neurological syndromes
  • Outpatient Clinics - General Neurology
  • Electrophysiology units; EEG, EMG, EPS.

Academic and research activities

The department is engaged in extensive research activities both as part of clinical trials, including new drug trials, and as part of laboratory/basic research.

Extensive clinical research is carried out by the various units: movement disorders - with emphasis on Parkinson's disease, memory disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, headaches, multiple sclerosis and more.

In addition, the department conducts a basic study of diseases of the nervous system, under the direction of Prof. Daniel Offen. Most of the lab research focuses on degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, aging processes and cell death, and the development of novel treatment approaches to Parkinson's disease.

The department is attached to the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine, through which it takes an active part in various academic activities the purpose of which is to train a new generation of medical students, continuing education for neurologists from the health funds and the training of immigrant physicians.

The department organizes scientific meetings where various aspects of neurological innovations are being presented, such as: clinical signs, new diagnostic tools, innovative treatments with emphasis on evidence based medicine, and research-related innovations.

Family visits:
12:00 - 21:00

Providing information to the patient:
Daily between 15:00 and 16:00

Doctor visitation:
Major visit on Mondays from 08:00 to 12:30 (please refrain from family visits during these hours)
Daily visit, except Monday, 08:00 - 12:00