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​Gour Shasha Tower, Beilinson Hospital, 3rd Floor

Department of Imaging - Beilinson

Director: Prof. Eli Atar MD, SFIR

Department of Imaging - Beilinson

About the Department

The Department of Imaging is directed by Prof. Eli Atar, a known expert and specialist in the modern field of imaging and an expert in vascular and Interventional Radiology in focus in, dialysis access preservation, biliary intervention  and pediatric interventions   A lecturer at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

The Department of Imaging is equipped with cutting edge, primarily digital imaging technologies which are at the forefront of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging technologies. They provide a full range of advanced services including conventional radiology, digital tomosynthesis mammography (the newest technology available today), computed tomography 64 and 256 Slices (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) new Vascular and Neurovascular cath labs and ultrasound. Known for their superior and precise diagnostic skills, the team including expert imaging physicians and technicians is dedicated to offering patients the highest quality of imaging services in an environment of comfort and convenience.


  • Breast Imaging Unit: Under the responsibility of Dr. Ahuva Grubstain, this is a comprehensive unit for breast imaging which performs screening, diagnostic imaging, mammography, ultrasound and MRI, with an emphasis on diagnosis and follow-up. It also provides special imaging services for BRCA gene carriers. 
  • Unit of Interventional Radiology: Headed by Dr. Alexander Belenky, a known expert in this field and a specialist in the development of novel invasive techniques and procedures. A state of the art facility specializing in minimally invasive innovative procedures such as angioplasty and vascular stenting, they provide alternatives to traditional surgery to treat conditions that result when arteries throughout the body become narrowed or blocked and there is a need to improve blood flow. These conditions include peripheral vascular disease / peripheral artery disease (PAD - narrowing of the arteries in the legs or arms), rental vascular hypertension (high blood pressure caused by narrowing of the kidney arteries) and carotid artery disease (narrowing of the neck arteries supplying blood to the brain).
  • Unit of Neuroradiology: The only unit in Israel that give emergent service 24\7. this unit offers patients a unique comprehensive, often life-saving approach to many neurological conditions. Dealing both with the diagnosis of disorders of the brain, head, neck and spine and the treatment of cerebral neurovascular disorders, minimally invasive procedures, primarily angiography are used to provide relief from debilitating pain as well as to treat life-threatening conditions. These include stroke treatment by delivering clot-busting drugs directly to the site of the blockage, aneurysm therapy to prevent clotting and rupture as well as spinal treatments.
  • Unit of body imaging: MRI, and CT including:  CT guided  Core-needle Biopsies FNA and drainage
  • Unit of Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Unit of cardiac imaging
  • Unit of general Ultrasound: diagnostic and interventional (ultrasound guided  Core-needle Biopsies and FNA)
  • Unit of chest imaging