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​​Telephone: 03-9376811/50 
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​Gour Shasha Tower, Beilinson Hospital, 2nd Floor

Department of Anesthesiology - Beilinson

Chair: Leonid A. Eidelman, MD, Associated Clinical Professor, Head of the world medical association

Department of Anesthesiology - Beilinson

About the Department

The Department of Anesthesiology, directed by Prof. Leonid A. Eidelman provides anesthesiology services for the entire hospital. This comprises 22 operating rooms, the recovery room, the acute pain service, the pain clinic, a day surgery center, the pre-anesthetic clinic, and also  invasive radiology, neuro-radiology, CT, MRI, cardiology and gastroenterology services. Members of the staff performs more than 25,000 anesthetics a year, including more than 1,000 cardiac anesthesia, 800 neuro-anesthesia, in more than 200 robot-assisted surgeries and more than 350 organ transplantations. More than 4,000 epidurals are performed for labor per annum. There are more than 5,000 annual visits to the pain clinic and over 6,000 visits to the pre-anesthetic clinic. The department runs an extensive invasive pain management program on an in-hospital and day-care basis. Furthermore, the staff is active in research and there is a laboratory of experimental anesthesiology within the department.


  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit: headed by Dr. Lesley Paul-Keslin     
  • Pain Management Unit: headed by Dr. Margarita Lekar-Leibzon
  • Cardiac Anesthesia Unit: headed by Dr. Jacob Loewinger
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Anesthesia Unit: headed by Dr. Sharon Zinger-Orbach