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Department of Pathology - Beilinson and Hasharon

Director: Prof. Meora Feinmesser

Department of Pathology - Beilinson and Hasharon

About the center

Beilinson Hospital Institute of Pathology

The Institute of Pathology serves Beilinson Hospital, the Schneider Children's Medical Center and the Davidoff Center.
The institute has labs, for regular routine histology, molecular pathology, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and cytology. The Institute is very active in the diagnosis of malignant diseases, in all systems - diagnosis of breast, lung, digestive, central nervous system, circulatory, soft tissue, skin, head and neck tumors and more. In addition to diagnosis, the Institute provides tools for determining prognosis and targeted treatment of malignant diseases. There is active activity in the field of pathology of organ transplants since Beilinson Hospital is the most active center in Israel in this field. The Electron Microscopy Laboratory is one of the most active clinical laboratories in Israel, performing more than 300 tests per year. The activity is mainly in the diagnosis of primary renal disease, in addition to renal biopsy from renal transplantees. The Nephropathology Unit provides services, to several hospitals: Beilinson Hospital, Hasharon Hospital, Kaplan Hospital, Barzilai Hospital and Laniado Hospital. The immunofluorescence laboratory performs unique tests to diagnose celiac disease in the very early stages of the disease prior to the appearance of the characteristic histopathological findings. The Molecular Pathology Laboratory performs highly complex tests, which are essential for diagnosing highly complex tumors and detecting changes in DNA and RNA rates, that are important for determining a target-oriented treatment. The Institute has a cytology unit that examines approximately 12,000 cases per year. The cytologies often take the samples independently, in some cases during ultrasound and CT scans.
The Institute examines approximately 27,000 surgical samples per year and about 12,000 cytological cases, as indicated above. About a third of the samples undergo immunohistochemical tests. 

Hasharon Hospital Institute of Pathology

Clinical activity:
The Institute provides services to Hasharon Hospital.
The Institute treats about 6,000 surgical preparations per year and about 300 cytology cases. The surgical cases are mainly in the area of general surgery (breast samples and gastrointestinal samples), urological specimens and biopsies from the digestive system and the skin.

Academic and research activities in the pathology center

The center is affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. The Center's staff engages in instructing interns and medical students at Tel Aviv University and in visits to the Institute, the teaching at the university includes frontal lectures in various courses and laboratory training. The Institute conducts extensive research activities, as reflected in the list of publications published by the Institute's physicians and academic appointees. Prof. Maura Feinmesser and Prof. Ilana Kaplan are both associate professors in the clinical track of the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and Dr. Leah Wolfson is a senior lecturer.

Days and hours of activity

Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-16:00
Reception hours at the office: 08:00-14:00
Telephone answering hours at the office 09:00-14:00
The laboratory accepts tissue samples on Sunday through Thursday at 08:00-14:30.
In urgent cases and by prior appointment - also after the hours of operation.

Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-16:00
The labs accept tissue samples on Sunday-Thursday at 08:00-15:00.
On Fridays and Saturdays - by prior arrangement. 

Arrival instructions to the center

At the eastern part of the hospital, adjacent to Kaplan Gate, ground floor
Hasharon Hospital, in the backyard