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Department of Nuclear Medicine - Hasharon

Dr. Arnon Schwarz

Department of Nuclear Medicine - Hasharon

​About the Institute

The Institute for Nuclear Medicine at Hasharon Hospital is one of the most active institutes in Israel, divided into two sub-units of general mappings and nuclear radiology.

General Mappings

The Institute performs most of the mappings, including bone, kidney, brain, liver, thyroid, parathyroid, lung, salivary glands, testicular, etc.
Tomographic and 3D mappings are also performed.

Nuclear cardiology

Heart mapping during effort and at rest, using a tomographic method, as well as MUGA and cardiac mapping using dipyridamole injections.

Unique areas of activity

The Institute specializes in areas related to nephrology, urology and general surgery, cardiac mapping and tumour detection. 

Academic and research activities  

Specializations: the Institute is accredited for doctor specialization (Scientific Council) and X-ray technician and biotechnology specializations.
The research activity focuses on the following subjects:
1. Kidney function in various kidney diseases.
2. Locating tumours in the breast, and metastases in the armpits.
3. Evaluation of fertility disorders in males.
4. Testicular mapping in various pathological conditions.
5. Swallowing disorders.
6. Detection of thyroid adenomas before and during surgery.
7. Evaluation of new T-SCAN equipment for breast tumors.
8. Tomographic mapping of the knee joints in preparation for arthroscopy.
9. Gamma-guided surgery in oncological cases.
10. Evaluation of lung ventilation testing device tecnogas.
11. Heart mapping at rest and effort. 

Preparation for selected procedures

1. Bones - no special preparation. The test involves intravenous injection, drinking heavily, and waiting for about 3 hours before the procedure.
2. Heart mappings - 3 hours fast before the test, except for water. Discontinuation of regular medications in coordination with the attending physician.
Material injection by test type. Sometimes the test is performed in two stages and the wait between them is 3-4 hours.

Application method:
Referral by a cpecialist physician from a hospital, or outpatient clinic or by a family doctor. Patients are requested to present referral letters, form 17 or a form from the police (in the event of a road accident), as well as any medical document or image relevant to the examination
Appointment scheduling process:
To schedule an appointment, call the appointment scheduling call center at: 03-9376666.
Special cases will be referred directly to the Institute.

Days and hours of activity

Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 16:00 and in the afternoon according to prior arrangement