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The Neuroendoscopy Service

​The service, which is provided within the Neurosurgery Department at Beilinson Hospital, is the first and only one of its kind in Israel and it provides a solution to a variety of spinal problems (neck, back and lower back). All surgeries are minimally invasive and performed by an endoscope, without the need for other implants or fixations.

The purpose of the neuroendoscopy service is to significantly improve the quality of the patients' treatment by shortening their recovery time and enable them to quickly restore their daily functioning, as quickly as possible,.
The endoscope is a type of miniature camera that allows the "target" to be seen. The endoscope has a light source and it connects to a TV screen. The surgery is conducted while viewing the screen with the image enlarged 100 times or more. 

Thanks to this technology, the incision in the skin is minimal, surgery time is shorter, and so are the hospitalization time and recovery time. Thanks to the accuracy of the operation, the success rate is particularly high.
The change in approach is analogous to the transition from open abdominal surgery to laparoscopic surgery in general surgery.
The goal is to achieve surgery's objective with minimal damage to the involved tissues and to the stability of the spine.

Dr. Davidovich established the service in Beilinson in 2009 and has since successfully treated hundreds of patients.
Dr. Davidovitch completed his advanced studies and worked as a senior surgeon for three years in the Neuro-Endoscopic Department in Pittsburgh, USA. In this framework he operated on patients from all over the world. The neuroendoscopy department is the only one of its kind in the world in which all head and spinal surgery are performed using an endoscope. In this framework, Dr. Davidovich has gained extensive experience in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery of the spine and head.