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Rabin Medical Center leads in many areas in Israel, including environmental management, occupational safety health and traffic quality


Environment Responsibility

In recent years, exceptional environmental events have taken place around the world and there has been a growing depletion of natural resources.
These events have led to the recognition, among organizations around the world that protecting the environment is of foremost importance for achieving environmental sustainability and for preserving the natural resources for future generations.
As a leading medical center in Israel, we feel that preservation of the environment is also preservation of landscape, nature and environmental values.
The Medical Center attaches great importance to the preservation of the environment and acts under the banner of its environmental policy.

Policy Statement

Rabin Medical Center Beilinson - Hasharon  

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May 27, 2015

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Environmental Policy Statement For occupational safety and safety and quality of traffic

Rabin Medical Center operates in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and safety and quality of traffic according to the principles of the "Integrated management system". The Medical Center undertakes to act in all its fields of activity to prevent safety and environmental risks to patients, employees, contractors and all who enter its gates by means of:

  Creating safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working conditions.
  Preventing physical injury to employees of the medical center.
  Continuous improvement of the medical center's performances in these areas.
  Reducing safety, occupational health and transportation risks, and preventing environmental pollution, by an appropriate design of processes and facilities, using the best available technologies.
  Compliance with the requirements under any law relating to safety, occupational health and the environment and safety and quality of transport.
  Involving the employees of the medical center and contractors in an attempt to promote environmental issues, through discussions and health in employment and transportation.
  Cooperating with the relevant authorities in the policy statement issues allocation, of appropriate resources for the design and execution operations aimed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and to preserve the environment.
  Adopting and implementing an integrated management system based on SI OHSAS 18001 for occupational safety and health management, SI 14001 for environmental management and ISO 9301 SI for safety and quality in traffic.

Best regards,
Dr. Eran Halpern
Director of the Rabin Medical Center


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