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News - Year 2017

The longest living heart transplant

Beilinson: The longest living heart transplant recipient in Israel celebrates 25 years with his "new heart"

Prof. Dan Aravot, Director of the Beilinson Cardiothoracic Surgery Center, and Menashe Nissim, the Heart Transplantee, met for the Heart Transplant Centennial Celebrations


Professor Aravot, who transplanted the heart:   "A quarter of a century has passed since we started the journey together, since that exciting day we analyzed and saved Beilinson the lives of hundreds of men and women in the beilinson hospital in Israel"


The longest living heart transplant in the State of Israel celebrated 25 years since his heart transplantation with Prof. Dan Aravot, director of Beilinson Cardiothoracic Surgery Center. Prof. Aravot, who specialized in heart transplantation in London and has accumulated extensive experience in transplants of this kind, together with Prof. Bernardo Vidne, then the head of the department, transplanted Nissim's heart.
In the moving meeting that took place, Prof. Aravot gave Nissim a photo of the operation and a greeting card in which he wrote: "A quarter of a century has passed since we began the journey together, a single beating heart connected between us. 
You advanced to a new life with the heart that we transplanted in you and I, excited by the event, continue to march down the path of heart transplants. 
Since that exciting day, we have saved the lives of hundreds of men and women in Israel, with your life story always serving as an example of determination and of the ability to cope with the challenges of life."


Prof. Aravot "I hope personaly to be able to celebrate with all the heart transplantees we treated at least a quarter of a century from the date of their transplant".
Beilinson, that leads the field of transplants in Israel, and we transplant artificial hearts, animal hearts, and even integrated heart and lung transplants every year.