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News - Year 2017

The Ministry of Health survey states

The Ministry of Health survey states: Hasharon Hospital has the leading Emergency Medicine (ER) department in Israel

Beilinson Hospital leads with the highest rating among the larger hospitals in Israel

In a Patient Experience survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, all the departments of emergency medicine (ER) in Israeli hospitals were reviewed

According to the survey findings:  Hasharon and Beilinson hospitals are number one among all hospitals in Israel

 The Ministry of Health reviewed patients' satisfaction with the emergency medicine departments of all hospitals in Israel in a survey that included 11,000 patients from all hospitals in Israel.
The indices examined were

• Attitude and respect toward patients
• Providing information and explanations
• Perception of waiting times
• Providing a reasonable solution to the problem
• Treatment continuity
• Physical conditions

Hasharon Hospital in Petah Tikvah (part of the Rabin Medical Center) was ranked first among all the hospitals in Israel and was awarded a total score of 82% in patient's experience. Beilinson received a score of 74%, which is the highest score among the larger hospitals in Israel.

Dr. Eitan Haver, Director of Hasharon Hospital - "I am proud of the staff of the Department of Emergency Medicine, headed by Dr. Riad Majdalah, and all the hospital employees, who work day and night and provide excellent medical treatment, service, care and information to the patients. We have once again proven that it is not enough to provide excellent and advanced medical services, but it is also crucial to provide patients with a complete package of information, treatment and appropriate conditions. Empathy, service and conditions are of great importance and must be fulfilled as part of the provision of quality medicine. These achievements were built and assimilated with great effort, in accordance with basic values by which the hospital operates."