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News - Year 2017

Prof. Ran Kornowski

Prof. Ran Kornowski, Director of Cardiology Center at Beilinson, was appointed President of the Israel Cardiology Association

Prof. Ran Kornowski, Director of the Cardiology Center at Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals) and a senior cardiologist in Israel, was elected President of the Israel Cardiology Association. The appointment was announced at the Annual Cardiology Conference in Tel Aviv.

Prof. Ran Kornowski: "I view my appointment as President of the Israel Cardiology Association as a great privilege and commitment. Israeli cardiology has an excellent reputation throughout the world, thanks to its unique qualities in clinical practice, research and exceptional technological innovation. Israel has shown excellent results in the prevention and treatment of heart disease in the international surveys in which we participate. However, heart disease is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in our modern world including Israel. In recent years, with the significant medical advances in the field of cardiology, there has been a steady decline in mortality from heart disease, which is now the second most common cause of mortality in Israel. The survival rate in Israel after a heart attack is also one of the highest in the Western world. In the fight against heart disease and heart attacks, the goal is to significantly reduce their rates by improving the preventive measures and advanced treatments among the general population and heart patients in particular."
Prof. Kornowski explains what major issues he chooses to focus on during his tenure:

  1.  I intend to lead endeavors to increase awareness of the quality and safety of cardiac medicine at the patient level. I believe there is much to be done in this area by conveying a message of quality and safety accompanied by concrete activities that may improve heart medicine at the national and individual levels.
  2.  As the senior representative of cardiologists in Israel, I will do my best to represent the Cardiology Association in the world's leading international forums, with which the Association cooperates, including the cardiology associations in Europe, North America, the Far East and other countries and continents.
  3.  The Association under my leadership will be committed to nurturing the young generation of cardiologists in Israel, our outstanding trainees in the various departments, and enabling them to realize their professional vision and professional aspirations in clinical practice and research. The Cardiology Association awards scholarships annually to physicians who have completed their specialization courses and wish to pursue further advanced studies in the various cardiology fields abroad. The Cardiology Association will continue to work to expand these possibilities both in Israel and abroad in order to support the training of young doctors who constitute the future generation of cardiologists in the State of Israel I regard this to be highly important.
  4.  Israeli cardiology is known globally to be innovative and groundbreaking, thanks to the close and intimate interface between the cardiology community and the many startup companies operating in the State of Israel. The Cardiology Association, headed by me, will work to strengthen this connection by motivating joint activities between the sectors engaged in medicine and technology, with an emphasis on the patient's needs and on overcoming any obstacles placed before the optimal treatment that is being implemented today.
  5. The association will be committed to continue promoting the interests of heart patients in order to realize their ability to benefit from the most innovative and life-saving treatments as part of the discussions to include new drugs and technologies in the health "basket" during the coming years.  This is a very important and competitive arena at the national level and during my tenure the leadership of the Association will take the necessary steps in this field.


About the Israel Cardiology Association

The Israel Cardiology Association is the official "trade union" of cardiologists in the State of Israel, it is part of the Israel Medical Association and it operates under the authority of the Scientific Council. The aim of the Association is to promote the prevention and treatment of heart disease, to promote professional and scientific knowledge, to increase awareness and to maintain heart health among the population.  The Association, which was initially called the Cardiology Society in Israel, was founded on November 26, 1952 in Haifa (65 years ago) and in 1987 it was renamed the Israel Cardiology Association. At present, the association has about 850 members, including full members, associate members (interns and doctors from various fields), cardiologists and pediatric cardiologists. The Israel Cardiology Association is a full member of the European Society of Cardiology and of the World Heart Federation and serves as the Israeli branch of the American College of Cardiology. Both the European and American Associations hold joint sessions with the Israeli Association as part of their annual conference. The Union has 10 working groups, through which the Association conducts extensive scientific activities. In addition, the Association conducts educational, professional and research activities. The main scientific conference of the Cardiology Association is held every April in cooperation with the Israel Cardiothoracic Surgery Association, with the participation of cardiologists, doctors from various sectors, nurses and para-medicals. The conference is attended by lecturers from abroad. The conference includes an exhibition of pharmaceutical companies and medical devices.