​​The cardiology unit in the Kaplan Medical Center is focused on medical excellence, research and technological progress, in all modern cardiology areas, including heart imaging, 3D catheterization, electrophysiology and more. Click the image for further details.

Contact Us:

Non invasive Cardiology, phone: 08-9440144
Medium Cardiac unit Phone: 08-9441518
Cardiac mapping phone: 08-9441648
Cardiac rehabilitation phone: 08-9440840
Catheterization phone: 08-9441498
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit phone: 08-9441272
Pacemakers and Electrophysiology phone: 089441376
Heart Failure phone: 08-9440247
Cardiac institute phone: 08-9441335
Fax: 08-9441590
e-mail: pazitga@clalit.org.il


Cardiology manager: Prof. Kobi George
Secretary: Pazit Gnut