General Information

Religion Services

The management of the Kaplan Medical Center, the hospital Rabbi, Effi Ben Gad, Rabbi Roy Iluz and the religion and Kosher department of “Clalit” Health Services act to regulate and supervise the religious services provided in the Medical Center
These are the main religious services active in the Kaplan Medical Center for the wellbeing of patients, family member and general public:

The synagogue is located in Hospitalization Building B, on the ground floor next to Ilan’s coffee shop.
The synagogue is active on all weekdays, 24 hours a day. A lesson about the daily page is given in the synagogue on Sundays-Thursdays in 12:15.

Borrowing Tefilin:
It is possible to borrow Tefilin from the hospital rabbi, on: 050-2104035
Prayer times on weekdays
Mincha Sundays-Thursdays on 13:20, on 14:00 and twenty minutes before sunset
Arvit on Sundays-Thursdays 20 minutes after sunset.

Prayer times on Saturdays:
Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat: when lighting the candles.
Shachrit: on 07:30 in the morning
Mincha: One hour prior to lighting the Shabbat candles
Arvit and Havdalah: When Shabbat exits

The hospital kitchen is under strict kosher supervision, and in the general responsibility of Clalit’s rabbi. The fruit and vegetables are tithed, without fear of uncircumcised (Orlah) fruit. All leaves are specially grown, free of insects and checked by us meticulously.
Flour, semolina, rice and legumes are selected, checked and sifted using electric sieves.
Chicken and meat products are only purchased from authorized and approved places (the meats are “Chalak” and the chicken are mehadrin).

There is complete separation of the entire cooking process. There is complete separation of meat and dairy (including steam), separate systems for every type (including division trays). The cooking in the kitchen is only Israeli.

Food for escorts:
During weekdays the patients escorts who desire Kosher mehadrin food, can order it from “Ezer Mizion” on 08-9101118 or from “Lisboa Mituvech” on 054-8537483

Until Shabbat enters, you can call Rabbi Efi Ben Gad on 050-2104035 or Rabbi Roy Iluz on 054-8525509.
On Shabbat, Rabbi Pinhas Kadish is in the hospital during the mornings. If you are interested in contacting him, please call the kitchen.
After Shabbat is over, you can contact Rabbi Efi Ben Gad and Rabbi Roy Iluz by phone.
If you wish, we have Shabbat Thermometers, without fear of desecration of the Shabbat.
eruv chatzerot – The entire area of the hospital was approved by the hospital Rabbi according to the Halachot of Shabbat (Eruv)

For mehadrin – you may be assisted in the nursing staff when entering and leaving maternity and neonatal units.

Shabbat Candles:
Shabbat candles are give in all hospitalization units. Highly important: from terms of safety, lighting the Shabbat candles will only be done in the designated places. It is forbidden to light the Shabbat candles in the room from fear of fire

Cooking for Shabbat:
All the food for Shabbat, including porridges, is cooked before Shabbat. On Shabbat, the heating in the central kitchen and in the various wards is done automatically using Shabbat clocks and Shabbat outlets which are approved by the technological institute for the Halachah.

Shabbat samovars:
Every unit in the medical center is equipped with samovars approved by the technological institute for the Halachah. The hot water can be drunk without fear.

Kiddush and Havdalah:
All units are provided with wine for Kiddush and Havdalah. If necessary, you can order from the central kitchen.

Food and lodging for patients escorts on Shabbat:
The “Ezrat Cholim” organization, undert the management of Rabbi Eliahu Yert acts greatly for the wellbeing of the hospital’s visitors on Shabbat and on holidays. If you are interested in Mehadrin food baskets and in staying in the “guest house” please contact Rabbi Yert on 050-4100101

Entrance Doors:
The main electrical entrance doors are disconnected on Shabbat or active with an automatic Shabbat system.

The security in the entrance to the Medical Center is done using equipment which works under Shabbat Control, and approved by the technological institute for the Halachah.

Signing Forms on Shabbat:
A patients who, for religious reasons, asks not to sign any consent forms on Shabbat, can do so after providing consent in front of two witnesses, and sign after Shabbat is out.
Emergency room patients who, for religious reasons cannot return to their homes on Shabbat will not be discharged from the emergency room until Shabbat is out, according to the protocol of the Medical Center
Also, according to the “Clalit” protocol, religious patients and new mothers will not be discharged from the hospital during Shabbat or holidays.

Shabbat Elevators:
All around the Medical Center, Shabbat elevators are installed for your convenience.

Prayer times on holidays are published in the synagogue and on bulletin boards around the Medical Center.

Shofar – The Shofar is sounded in the main synagogue and in the units according to the times specified on the bulletin boards.

Sukkot – a central sukkah is built in the ground floor of the pediatrics building and also you have a sukkah next to the general emergency room. The Four Varieties (Arba’at Haminim) are distributed in the synagogue, in the units and in the Sukkot to the benefit of the public.

Hannukah – lighting Hannukah candles is done in all hospitalization units, only in the candle lighting corner.

Purim – a main reading of the Megilah is held in the synagogue and in other central pliaces in the times specified and published on the bulletin boards.

Passover – The Medical Center becomes meticulously Kosher in the main kitchen and in all the units, the cafeterias and the buffets.
All Chametz dishes are transferred to a special room which is kept closed all through Passover. The Medical Center has a storage room for Passover dishes to store all the Passover dishes. All utensils are changed to Passover dishes before the holiday.
The Medical Center holds a Seder for all the patients, their families and its employees.

Funeral home office – the Medical Center has a funeral home office providing service to the families while keeping the dignity of the deceased. Please arrive to the funeral home office to be provided with the needed assistance.
The Medical Center provides a burial license to any patient who died in the hospital, free of charge.

Funeral Home Office
The office is located next to the pathological institute and is active on Sundays-Thursdays between 8:00-15:00. Fridays between 8:00-12:00
Shabbat – one hour after Shabbat ends.
Phone: 050-6418418 (Moshe Perlstein)