Innovative Technologies to Treat Your Heart

The unit for electrophysiology and rhythm in the Kaplan Medical Center is one of the leading units in Israel and treats in innovative groundbreaking methods to save and improve the lives of cardiac patients.

The unit treats problems that relate to arrhythmias and includes a catheterization room, outpatient unit and designated clinics: mechanics clinic, arrhythmia clinic, fainting clinic and ventricle fibrillation clinic

Ventricle Fibrillation – the most common cardiac arrhythmia

Ventricle fibrillation is a common arrhythmia. When a ventricle fibrillation occurs the ventricles of the heart pulsate irregularly, the cardiac activity is affected and so is the blood flow to your body.

In most cases, the treatment in ventricle fibrillation is medicinal. But when the routine care does not improve the situation of the heart, there is an option to treat using ablation – the insertion of catheters to the heart, to locate the source of the problem causing the ventricle fibrillation and neutralizing it.

The ablation for ventricle fibrillation is conducted as a planned procedure in patients of the electrophysiology and rhythm unit in the Kaplan Medical Center. The unit conducts national and global scaled procedures and its capacity grows annually. In addition, in a large part of the ablations we use a 3D mapping system and this decreases the exposure to ionizing radiation in over 95%, and carries positive consequences both for the patients and for the staff.

Innovative Technologies to Care for your Heart

The Kaplan unit was one of the first units in Israel to treat patients using the CCM (Cardiac Contractility Modulation) technology, implanting a pace maker whose role is to increase the contractions of the heart in patients suffering from cardiac congestion.

This technology, which is an Israeli development, was proven highly efficient and received the FDA approval. It fits all cardiac patients and charged once a week, so that repetitive surgeries for pace maker replacement are redundant.

This is not the only procedure conducted in Israel, in the electrophysiology and rhythm unit in Kaplan. The unit also performed the implantation of subcutaneous defibrillator in a one of a kind procedure in Israel.

Patients who cannot undergo a regular defibrillator implantation, as it was impossible to approach venously or due to an infection of the defibrillator system after its implantation due to its location in the heart cavity, can be a match to subcutaneous defibrillator implantation.
Thanks to the innovative defibrillator, we avoid inserting electrodes into the heart cavity, and the results achieved by it are very good.

Another life saving activity conducted in the Kaplan Medical Center is implanting a component to close the flap of the left ventricle (watchman). Ventricle fibrillation may cause a stroke originating from the flap of the left ventricle.

The common treatment is using blood thinning drugs. In cases where these drugs cannot be used, we conduct a transplant of this component to close the flap. This procedure is conducted as a routine by a skilled and trained staff in the Kaplan Medical Center.