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Telephone:  08-9441327
Fax:  08-9441107 


Clinic Manager: Dr. Yulia Waldman Greenspon

In the dermatology clinic, branched to the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, we treat a variety of skin conditions.

The clinic practices three major fields:

1. Skin clinic for patients who are referred from the community.

The clinic has a few unique specialties, in which the doctors are internationally acclaimed:

  • Cosmetics and beauty products allergies
  • Allergies in various work places
  • Tropical diseases
  • Tourist diseases
  • Sensitivity and allergies to drugs, an area where our doctors are considered the best in the world.

We are equipped with a wide variety of allergy tests, some of which are unique to our clinic.

2.  Pediatric skin clinic – a unique clinic for skin diseases of babies, children and teenagers (from newborn-18 years old). The unit manager, Dr. Yulia Waldman Greenspon is an attending, expert on pediatric skin conditions (formerly a skin attending in Sneider) who grants the young patients with professional diagnosis and treatment adapted to their young age.

The clinic focuses on pediatric diseases: Molluscum, atopic dermatitis, vascular skin lesions (hemangiomas) and identifying primary skin expressions for genetic diseases.

3. Phototherapy institution (light therapy) equipped with the most innovative device, with strong radiation, and a professional skilled staff to operate it. The institute treats more than 11,000 patients annually.

Phototherapy is used to treat 10 skin conditions, among which the major are: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and itching.

Academic and Research Activities

The unit has more than 300 publications in scientific journals, in the areas mentioned above.

Medical staff

Nurse: Sarah Kornelski
Secretary: Tzufit Cohen