Unit Phone Number

Telephone: 08-9441648
Fax: 08-9441380

Nuclear Cardiology

Unit Manager: Dr. Shai Lifshitz

​The Nuclear Cardiology unity in the Kaplan Medical Center provides full service in non-invasive nuclear heart imaging for admitted and ambulatory patients.
The unit is equipped with the best and most innovative medical devices, which enable 3D and tomographic imaging of the perfusion (blood supply) and function of the heart muscle.
The heart muscle perfusion and function imaging is conducted using medical and physical stress, which enables to diagnose and evaluate the severity of ischemic heart conditions in various populations. These populations include patients with orthopedic or neurological limitations that prohibit physical stress, and in patients suffering from significant obstructive pulmonary disease which require medicated stress with Dobutamine injections.
In patients with decreased function of the left chamber, we conduct an evaluation of the cardiac vividness in rest, to determine the proper care for these patients. In addition, we conduct a quantitative evaluation of the left chamber function, consistently and comparatively, in patients suffering from malignant diseases and treated using chemotherapy.
The unit conducts clinical surveys for non-invasive nuclear images and they are presented in national and international conventions.

Medical staff

Dr. Shai Lifshitz
Dr. Michael Etinger

Rosa Levi
Lilia Axelrod