ENT Unit


The ENT unit in the Kaplan Medical Center treats all aspects of ear, nose and throat medicine, either surgical or non-surgical. The unit treats children and adults.

Diverse academic activity:

The unit is branched to the Hebrew University Hadassah Ein Karem medical school in Jerusalem. A part of the unit policy is to acquire knowledge in the hospital’s specialties to students, interns, family doctors and occupational doctors. The diverse academic activity includes:

Guiding students of medicine (receiving the unit award for excellent guidance regularly)
Guiding interns along their internship years
Guiding expert doctors in various aspects of ENT surgery
The unit is involved in diverse research activity, and has many publications, teaches courses and participates in academic conventions in Israel and abroad.

The unit staff treats surgical and non-surgical diseases, from which you suffer in all ages. The unit has outpatient clinics that practice all fields, and operating rooms. The staff works in cooperation with the various units in the Medical Center.

Personal Treatment

The staff takes care and grants a personal treatment to patients in the clinic, the unit and the outpatients. We know and guide the patients, their family and friends throughout the treatment process, and often treat a few generations of the same family, at different times and at the same time.

This personal relation integrates with our belief that the patient and his family are involved in the details of the disease and the treatment, and therefore it is important to us to devote a long time to talk with our patients.

On top of the ambulatory patients, the clinic advises the admittance units of the hospital, the emergency rooms and the rehabilitation centers that are a part of the hospital community.


The process of admittance is conducted by a nurse and doctor, the unit nurse provides the patients with information about the admittance.
During the admittance process, the patients are asked about their regular medications and food sensitivities.
This information is important for the medical staff to maintain the treatment sequence along admittance.

Medical staff

Attending doctors:

Prof. Doron Halperin – unit manager
Dr. Doron Schindel
Dr. Yitzhak Poriah
Dr. Joseph Babnik
Dr. Jonathan Lahav
Dr. Meir Verman
Dr. Udi Katznel
Dr. Gil Lahav 

Nursing manager / supervising nurse in the unit: Boris Kuklinski

Supervising nurse in the clinic: Mrs. Sarai Meirowitz

Contacting the department

Workdays: Sunday-Thirsday 15:00-8:00

Telephone:  08-9441339 , 08-9441593

Fax: 08-9441794

​Family visits: until 20:00

Contacting the clinic

Workdays: Sunday-Thirsday 13:00-9:00

Telephone: 08-9441316

Fax: 08-9441967

Hearing Institute

Telephone: 08-9441318

Fax: 08-9441708


Speech Institute

Tele:phone 08-9440463

Fax: 08-9441967