Unit Phone Number

​Telephone: 08-9441498
Fax: 08-9419161

Heart Catheterization Unit

Unit Manager: Dr. Gera Gandelman

​The catheterization unit in the Kaplan Medical Center was established in 1989. Since it was opened more than 45,000 catheterizations were conducted. The unit conducts diagnostic and therapeutic catheterizations 24/7. Some of the patients are brought in during an acute cardiac failure, directly with an intensive care unit, and for them it is an emergency intervention, aiming to save their lives.

Since its establishment, the unit inserted and embedded the newest and most advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment. Among the innovations in the catheterization room today are imaging systems for the arterial walls from within, using infrared light or ultrasound and means to test the blood flow in the peripheral arteries. In the therapeutic catheterization, we solve stenosis using advanced and high quality stents and drilling in sclerosed arteries.

During recent years, aortic valves were implanted in very old patients using a sophisticated catheterization procedure, as surgery was a great risk for them.
These procedures are conducted with a multi-disciplinary and coordinated team and within days of the procedure, all patients were discharged. In addition, much like the large centers in the world, the unit conducted successful closures of leaks in the inter-ventricular wall. The unit also conducts procedures on the lower limbs, when necessary.

All the procedures are done in a hybrid (dual purpose) catheterization room which allows a quick transfer to an open heart surgery, should such a procedure is deemed necessary.

Also, the unit takes part in a great number of national and international studies in advanced technologies and innovative drugs.

Medical staff

Head nurse:
Ilana Vered
Ika Efrat
X-Ray Supervisor:
Arie Ronen