Medical Units

Unit Phone Number

Fax: 08-9441622

Secretary of unit manager -
Telephone: 08-9441975
Fax: 08-9410975

Nursing station of day care -

Research coordiantors -

Oncology Institute

Unit Manager: Dr. Noa Efrat (Ben Baruch)

The institute acts for the wellbeing of patients, beyond the medical treatment

  • Group meetings for family members
  • Guided imagination
  • Support group for breast cancer patients
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Hair dresser – to assist in achieving the wig and caring for it

Parking arrangements:
Patients who only receive chemotherapies, are welcome to approach the secretary of the institute and get a note about it.

For your information!
In case you require medical care out of office hours, you can arrive to the emergency room – without a referral letter and free of charge.
The institute staff acts to assist the patients and their families and is available for you to solve any problem that may rise.

Medical staff

Unit Doctors:
Dr. Rebbeca Katzenelson – Vice Manager
Dr. Efraim Idelwitz
Dr. Michael Dinnerman
Dr. Gregory Mindelin
Dr. Adelia Yachnin
Dr. Ella Evron

Nursing Manager: Mrs. Simcha Blumenthal
Secretary Manager: Mrs. Maria Gubrin
Supervising Nurse: Simcha Blumenthal
Unit Manager Secretary: Tammy Jan
Social Workers: Genia Cohen, Anna Zelkin
Nutritionist: Ilana Eretz
Research Coordinators: Yael Shaked, Liora Shamkar